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Self check-in service launched on Beijing Airport Express Li

From today on, passengers can make self check-in at Dongzhimen Station and Sanyuanqiao Station of the Airport Express Line, Beijing Daily reported on July 10, 2018.

Dongzhimen Station has been equipped with six check-in machines in blue and white. Just putting ID card on any of the machine, passengers can print their boarding pass and choose a seat.

“The whole process will take only one to three minutes if a man conducts successfully,” said a staff member of Beijing Airport Express Line.

As passengers need about 30 minutes to get to Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 of capital airport from Dongzhimen Station, the west end of the Airport Express Line, they can print an air ticket of the flight that will take off at least two hours later.

Besides check-in machines, flight information screen and other equipment have also been mounted at the Airport Express Line.

“The information of those equipments is connected with the airport and updated in real time. Each terminal’s catering and shopping information can be found out,” said a head of the Airport Express Line, adding that “Passengers can make self check-in for domestic flights of six airline companies, including Air China and China Eastern Airlines.

However, the Airport Express Line can’t provide baggage check-in service at present.